Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning

HIT Center Austin provides a strength and conditioning program for high school lacrosse players during the Fall school semester. Testing is performed 3 times during the semester to track progress and provide measurable results. Our program focuses on the needs for every lacrosse player to achieve their maximum potential. This program concentrates on specific demands of the sport to include:

Plyometric training to enhance the athlete's explosiveness and leg power

Developing foot speed to improve coordination and play making abilities

Agility training to increase on-field quickness and cutting ability

Weight Training for a strong and balanced athlete

Deceleration training to improve stopping speed and lower injury potential

Rotational core training to increase shot speed

Acceleration & speed development to get past opponents


The Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning program runs during the Fall school semester. The 2017 dates are yet to be determined, but will be posted as soon as possible. Please check back regularly, or call for more details.