Athelite Training Center operates in a 25,000 square-foot sports facility

Utilizing Soccer Zone Lakeline’s 16,000 square-foot indoor and auxiliary outdoor turf fields. Athelite Training Center also operates exclusive-use space including an additional outdoor turf field, a 3,000 square-foot sand pit, and a full weight room with Olympic platforms , speed/agility equipment, battling ropes, Woodway treadmills, sleds, and much more.

Sand Pit.jpg

Sand Pit

Our outdoor sandpit provides 3,000 square feet of sand for a low-impact form of resistance training and conditioning that improves balance, strength, and speed. Sand training also activates and strengthens ankles and foot muscles for enhanced stability.


The Woodway ELG

An oversized treadmill that achieves the highest speeds (25mph) and extreme elevations (35%). This “indoor mountain” is utilized for conditioning, multi-directional movements, and speed training. This is the biggest, baddest treadmill on the planet.

Main Field.jpg

Turf Fields

Our 3 turf areas (one indoor, two outdoor) combine approximately 28,000 square feet of space for performing sprints, agility drills, and much more. Turf is an excellent surface for running and plyometrics, and lowers chance of injuries over traditional grass fields.