Group Training

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Adult fitness programs

We are a training community for dedicated people who are not afraid to work hard to achieve their goals. Clients don’t have to be in good shape to start—just have a committed mind. In response, we offer proven programs implemented by degreed and certified strength & conditioning coaches dedicated to leading our members to higher levels of fitness in small group settings. Through our progressive, functional, and challenging workouts, clients experience training in the most unique athletic environment around. Some of the classes offered in this program are:

Strength & Conditioning

Strength is one of the most important elements of physical fitness that assists people in everyday living. No matter the age or ability of a person, everyone should be engaged in regular strength training. Maintaining a low client-to-coach ratio, our strength training system is unlike any other offered to the general public. Our strength program is unlike any other. This class will help you develop true strength and power while offering a small dose of conditioning at the end. This allows you to keep burning calories long after you have left the gym! Some features of the program include:

  • Use of bodyweight, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, and medicine balls
  • Built around push/pull, bilateral/unilateral, and multi-planar movements
  • Based on 4-week cycles in which movements, load, and intensity are changed to allow for new muscular adaptations to occur
  • Testing performed after every 2-4 cycles to evaluate progress and ensure quantifiable results
  • Testing results also assist us in updating our clients’ semi-personalized lifting prescriptions
  • All workouts are tracked in clients’ training folders
  • Small group semi-private setting (4-8 people), allowing our coaches to provide quality instruction and attention to each client

Metabolic Conditioning

Conditioning is also an integral part of our program. We base our conditioning around high intensity, multi-directional, athletic-style interval training designed to improve aerobic/anaerobic capacity while burning maximum calories in minimal time. Adult small groups utilize the same training equipment as our professional athlete clientele, so all ATC clients can ensure the best tools of the trade are at their disposal. Features of this class include:

  • Use of sand pit, sleds, turf, bands, straps, rowers, bikes, ropes and other equipment
  • Mobility work to stay limber and move freely
  • High-intensity intervals and circuits to burn the maximum amount of calories
  • Drills to improve speed, power, and running ability
  • Testing done in conjunction with the strength program after every 2 cycles

For more information on our Adult Group Program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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