Youth Group Training


Athelite Development Training (MS/HS)

The Athelite Development program is designed as a complete strength and conditioning program for nearly any athlete. This training helps athletes beat defenders in a chase, get to the ball quicker, move up and down the court/field effortlessly, hit harder, outjump opponents, and turn singles into doubles. Our experienced strength coaches lead these small-group 1.5 hour workouts, which consist of:

  • Mechanics - Running mechanics to sprint more efficiently
  • Speed – Improve linear and lateral acceleration
  • Agility – Learn proper deceleration, change of direction, footwork
  • Plyometrics – Upper and lower body plyometrics to build an explosive athlete, allowing them to throw/kick/swing faster, jump higher, and move quicker
  • Strength & Power – Our coaches teach proper mechanics and technique in the weight room. Strength training helps athletes absorb more force, thus lessening the chance of impact injuries. They will also develop the ability to produce more force to hit harder, decelerate quickly, and claim their ground.

Our degreed and certified strength and conditioning coaches combine education and experience working with amateur to elite athletes to provide cutting-edge performance training. Our programs have delivered results in the form of college scholarships, NFL Pro Bowls, draft picks, Olympic medals, and world records. The Youth Sports Performance groups are capped at a 8:1 athlete-to-coach ratio to ensure quality instruction, technique, and safety. The program is not simply just drills to make athletes sweaty and tired, but rather a long-term athletic development plan designed to provide immediate results and lasting habits that produce a superior athlete.